Samantha Spagnolo

Forest Policy Advocate
Samantha Spagnolo

During her freshman year of college, Samantha watched the legendary Jane Goodall speak at a Georgia State University event. Goodall’s energy rippled with force as she motivated people to create positive environmental change, but Samantha, an art major at the time, was monumentally affected by Goodall’s words, “our global situation is that of a train on a track going towards a brick wall of destruction.”

Samantha, a romantic at heart, has entirely too much love and hope for the future of this earth to sit back and do nothing. She immediately transferred to a more fitting university, changed her major, and proudly held leadership roles in several environmentally focused clubs along her journey towards achieving a Geography/ Environmental Studies and Biology bachelor’s degree from Millersville University of Pennsylvania.

She gained much of her advocacy experience during her time volunteering at Citizens’ Climate Lobby and is grateful to continue her work with the admirable and valuable team at the John Muir Project. Samantha is glad to dedicate her voice towards forest advocacy with an organization that urges policy action to reflect the promise of a better world, one with more protected forests available to support native plant and animal biodiversity, healthy watersheds and helping us to combat and reverse climate change impacts to our environment.

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