Republican’s 2018 Farm Bill: Forget Nutrition, Let’s Cutdown our Public Land Forests Instead!

April 27, 2018:    In a partisan move, Republicans in Congress have decided that instead of being the lungs of our planet, or, you know, ecosystems which give us clean air, clean water, offer the best carbon storage and sequestration and provide refuge for both wildlife and people alike, our Forests are crops and only serve one purpose, to be harvested. In an incredible, but not surprising, fit of greed Republicans have proposed 11 new categorical exclusions which would exempt federal agencies from having to detail the harm that would flow from logging on our public lands.  Their true desire, to expedite logging, ignore public input and go after the last of the best habitat, in roadless areas and where sensitive or threatened and endangered species reside.  If this bill passes, the National Environmental Policy Act would exist in name only, having no teeth to ensure that the consequences of government action are fully explained, exposed and vetted.  This is a bad bill for our forests and our Planet.

Please contact your Senator’s today and tell them to vote against the Farm Bill and it’s destructive and unnecessary forestry provisions. No deals that roll back environmental laws and sell out our public forest lands!

Read More About the Forestry Logging Provisions in our Farm Bill Factsheet!

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