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JMP staff being heard and seen discussing forest ecosystems and forest policy.

CBS News Spot on JMP’s Unprecedented Research on Giant Sequoias and Wildfires

March 14, 2024

KPIX | CBS News Bay Area | A recent study outlines how wildland fires are an important factor in saving California’s giant sequoias.

Team of Researchers Find Wildfire is Future to Saving California’s Giant Sequoias

March 13, 2024

CBS13 News | Wildfires were once seen as the downfall of the treasured giant sequoia trees in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, but a team of researchers with the John Muir Project released a recent study outlining how they could be our best shot at saving them.

Environmental Groups Sue US Forest Service Over Plans to Thin 13,000 Acres of Forest Near Big Bear

August 15, 2023

ABC7 News | “The problem is that the approach the Forest Service is taking,” said Chad Hanson with the John Muir Project. “Using big machines to cut down tens of thousands of trees out in the remote wildlands, as opposed to focusing on the homes themselves and the zone immediately around the homes. That makes all the difference in terms of whether home survive or not.”

Wildfire Expert Speaks on U.S. Conditions

June 8, 2023

LiveNOW Fox | Wildfires continue to burn in Canada, leading to smoky conditions across the U.S. Dr. Chad Hanson joined LiveNOW from FOX’s Josh Breslow to discuss how the fires ignited and why the effects are being felt in America.

One Planet: What Should Be Done to Restore California’s Forests & Reduce Wildfire Risks?

August 8, 2022

KALW: Bay Area Public Media | On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet Series, forest fires in California are discussed. Climate change has led to an increase in wildfire season length, wildfire frequency, and burned areas.

Wildfire Burns Out of Control Near Yosemite | NewsNation Prime

July 24, 2022

NewsNation | Chad Hanson from the John Muir Project joins the show to discuss the growing frequency and intensity of wildfires across the country.

KNX In Depth: More People Live in Wildfire Danger Zones

May 16, 2022

KNX: In Depth | One in six Americans in areas of significant fire risk.

Wildfire Wisdom and Wildfire Ignorance: Dialogue with Chad Hanson, Forest Ecologist

April 28, 2022

Dangerous Wisdom: Journey into Mystery | In this dialogue with Chad Hanson, forest ecologist and director of the John Muir Project, we confront the megafire myths and the bad science done in the name of forest ecology.

In Depth: Loophole in California’s Wildfire Strategy | Chad Hanson

March 22, 2022

California Insider | Chad Hanson, a forest and fire ecologist with the John Muir Project, explains why he thinks California is not addressing the wildfire situation effectively and how special interests are involved.

As Wildfire Threatens Giant Sequoias, We Explore the Future of Forest Management and Wildfire Mitigation

September 20, 2021

LAist | We talk with forest and fire ecologist Chad Hanson of the John Muir Project and Daniel Berlant, assistant deputy director and chief of wildfire planning and engineering for CAL FIRE, about the future of forest management and wildfire mitigation.

Misconceptions About Wildfires are Fueling the Problem

January 29, 2021

Scientific American | In this video, we talk to experts who say many accounts of California’s blazes sensationalize the extent of forest devastation while paying less attention to fire’s crucial role in nature.

The Butterfly Story of Fires and Trees Hosting Chad Hanson

October 7, 2020

The Butterfly Effect: Tree Stories | In this episode you will hear about Dr. Hanson’s work, the importance of wildfires to our forests, how we can prevent unnecessary fires, do we really have less fires historically [], and more.

Federal Government to Blame for Faster, More Destructive Wildfires in California, Scientists Say

May 14, 2019

NBC Bay Area | Nearly 300 scientists from across the country and abroad believe actions taken by the U.S. Forest Service are contributing to faster, more devastating wildfires throughout California.

Why Trump is Wrong About All California Wildfires & What the Real Solutions Are

November 24, 2018

CNN | Here is Dr. Chad Hanson with anchor Ana Cabrera going over the facts about why Trump is WRONG about the Camp Fire, Woosely Fire, Hill Fire, and all California wildfires.

Dr. Chad Hanson on the Myths & Misinformation of Wildland Fires

November 15, 2018

For The Wild | Narratives of wildfire in this country have long been muddled with myth and misinformation. On November 11th, the President of the United States perpetuated this by tweeting: “There is no reason for these massive, deadly, and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor…”

Podship Earth Podcast: Fire Myths

November 1, 2018

Podship Earth | We talk with Dr. Chad Hanson to examine if there is any scientific basis to support the numerous calls to clear the forest as a way of helping reduce fire risk.

Environmentalists Dispute Claims that Logging Can Prevent California Wildfires

October 24, 2018

CGTN America | This is the time of year when hot dry Santa Ana winds fuel wildfires in California, but this year a radical new plan by officials to keep the flames at bay is raising alarm among environmentalists.

Forest Ecology with Chad Hanson, Ph.D.

August 6, 2016

Ecology Hour on KZYX | Conversation about the importance of low, moderate and high intensity fire for forest ecosystem health in California. Rarer than old-growth forest and just as biodiverse, let’s let science guide management rather than fear.

Eight Years After a Terrifying Fire, This Forest is Just Fine

November 5, 2015

PBS SoCal | Following a Prius up a dirt forest road, I daydream a bit behind the wheel. It’s a pretty place: black oaks starting to show a little fall color, tall willows fringing the backs of Grout Creek, sun-warmed granite boulders showing between the trees. Scrub jays dart noisily between the trees as I pass, flashes of blue glinting off their wing feathers.

Chad Hanson Interview With Brad Pomerance

November 3, 2015

Charter TV Local Edition | Chad Hanson debunks myths about fire in our forests and talks about his new book The Ecological Importance of Mixed-Intensity Fire: Nature’s Phoenix.

Forest Renews itself in the Wake of “Devastating” Lake Fire

October 27, 2015

PBS SoCal | This month I had the opportunity to hike into the Aspen Grove which burned at high intensity on the San Bernardino National Forest during the Lake Fire. I’d expected the Lake Fire’s high intensity burn area to be somber, promising renewal only in the abstract for people who could spot subtle signs of recovery. Instead, the place is cheerful, the life in it exuberant.

In Defense of The Bark Beetle

October 14, 2015

PBS SoCal | Numerous scientific studies, including one by NASA, demonstrate that trees that die as a result of an increase in Bark beetle populations do not increase the risk or intensity of wildland fire in western forests. These native beetles enhance our forest ecosystems and should not be the scapegoat for misinformed forest management and misguided legislation.

Talk Nerdy PodCast

October 12, 2015

Talk Nerdy. | John Muir Project Director Dr. Chad Hanson informs Cara about current legislative efforts to deregulate logging in America’s forests. Myths are also busted regarding forest fires.

Study: Intense Wildfires May Be Good For Rare Mountain Weasel

October 1, 2015

PBS SoCal | Good news from the wildfire front: it looks as though high-severity fires might not be as much of a disaster for wildlife as is popularly supposed. That’s the takeaway from a new study of the McNally Fire which found that Pacific Fisher’s, especially females use forested areas that burned at high intensity.

KQED FORUM: Federal Wildfire Legislation Sparks Debate on Salvage Logging

August 3, 2015

KWED | Chad Hanson was a guest on the KQED Radio program FORUM discussing how the the so called “Resilient Forest Act of 2015” simply promotes more logging with less oversight at the expense of our native forest ecosystems which evolved with fire and benefit from this natural process. To listen to the Program or submit a comment click the link below.

JEFFERSON PUBLIC RADIO: How Fires — Even Big Ones — Help Forests

July 2, 2015

Jefferson Public Radio | Chad Hanson and Dominick DellaSalla talk about their new book, “The Ecological Importance of High-Severity Fire: Nature’s Phoenix”, and discuss why and how federal policy on wildland fire should change so that communities are better protected, firefighters are not put unnecessarily at risk and fire is allowed to improve our ecosystems all while saving billions in taxpayer dollars.

Forest Service Considering King Fire Restoration Options

March 26, 2015

FOX40 News | U.S. Forest Service officials hosted a community meeting in Placerville Wednesday night to discuss King Fire restoration options in the El Dorado National Forest.

The battle we have fought, and are still fighting for the forests is a part of the eternal conflict between right and wrong, and we cannot expect to see the end of it. … So we must count on watching and striving for these trees, and should always be glad to find anything so surely good and noble to strive for.

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